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New Patient Power Media Player Reaches Targeted Patients

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Patient Power Broadcast News

When patients look for information on the Web, they are increasingly drawn to video and audio content. They may find what they are looking for on YouTube, Facebook, a hospital web site, or a Web site developed or supported by health care marketers. With content scattered around the Web, a patient usually has to hop from one Web site to another as they try to find what they are looking for and assess the value of what they have found. Sometimes, they become frustrated and give up.

But what if the most authoritative, engaging, and inspiring content was available in one place and accessible though a convenient media player prominently linked on their favorite Web sites or even from e-newsletters? And what if:

- This media player was able to stream content instantaneously with no wait for download?
- The media content was hosted on a central server that linked out to strategic Web sites where it could be summoned by a click on a prominent link?
- Traffic data and survey responses were tracked in one place to generate a convenient and comprehensive report?

Content distribution benefits from Patient Power's extensive healthcare community!

Patient Power has developed partnerships with big and small advocacy groups and even Facebook patient communities. Our disease-specific content can be targeted to reach patients where they are most active and engaged.

Patient Power produces content unmatched for quality and currency!

Patient Power's content engine is built on interviews with the leading medical experts in each medical field, often content developed for medical centers and supported by their marketing dollars.

For medical industry marketers, the Patient Power Media Player offers a unique channel to support patient communication on everything from disease state awareness, to clinical trials enrollment, to education about new treatments.

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