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The Many Different Options for Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Article Alley

Author: Rob Hawkinis

According to the AMA our cardiovascular system plays a key role in several fundamental body processes. In addition to supplying the oxygen that the body’s cells need to survive and function, the cardiovascular system also carries nutrients throughout the body as a function of the systemic circulation. Blood is diverted into the liver (through portal circulation) where capillaries carrying proteins fasts, carbohydrates, minerals, and other nutrients from the stomach and other digestive organs pass these nutrients into the liver to be processed for use, or to be stored. Blood from the liver travels back into the systemic circulation only to start the whole process over again.

At the center of the action is the one pound super muscle known as the heart, which is the engine that drives the cardiovascular system. As long as the heart is healthy and strong and our arteries are clear of any interior obstruction the need for a cardiovascular disease treatment will not be necessary.

But sadly this isn’t the case. According to CDC more than one in every four deaths in the United States was attributed some form of cardiovascular disease with coronary heart disease leading the pack as the most deadly.

So what can be done?

Cardiovascular disease treatment can take on a number of different forms most of which focus improving blood flow to the heart. There are prescription medications such as those designed to lower bad LDL cholesterol (statin drugs); daily dose aspirin to thin blood, reduce blood clots, and inhibit platelet aggregation; beta blockers to reduce blood pressure, slow irregular heart rhythms, relax the heart muscle, and reduce the hearts demand for oxygen; nitroglycerine to relieve pain and open narrowed arteries; calcium channel blockers designed to increase blood flow to the heart; and ACE inhibitors which work in a similar fashion to beta blockers by lowering blood pressure and making the hearts job easier.

Another treatment option is that of surgery. Surgical and invasive procedures for cardiovascular disease treatment include catheter assisted procedures, angioplasty and stents, and coronary artery bypass surgery.

As you can see when it comes to cardiovascular disease treatment there is no shortage of options but most cardiologist will tell you that implementing a healthy heart and artery lifestyle is perhaps the best cardiovascular disease treatment of all. These would include avoiding both primary and secondary tobacco smoke; eating a heart healthy diet low in dangerous saturated fat and cholesterol; eliminating dangerous trans fats from the diet; participating in physical activity five or more days a week; maintaining a healthy weight; taking a daily B vitamin complex to neutralize damaging homocysteine amino acid levels; and considering a natural cholesterol reduction supplement if needed.

Additionally, regular testing to monitor blood lipid levels is suggested along with taking steps to keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels in a healthy range.

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