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About Us

Medezon harnesses the power of the free-market to serve both patients and providers of medical services. The presence of third party payers in our healthcare systems inherently creates inefficiencies. This has resulted in a distinct lack of transparency in pricing and an inequity in charges that affects self- paying patients the most. This coupled with a rising uninsured population has led to a very large market segment that is poorly served by the current healthcare model. Medezon brings providers and patients together in a virtual Medical Marketplace.

With Medezon, Patients can

  • Search for the medical services in their vicinity
  • Review feedback from other patients who have utilized these services
  • View and compare costs of health care services
  • Purchase their services online with a Credit Card

With Medezon Providers can

  • Receive payments without complicated billing and claims processing
  • Showcase their services online
  • Access a larger patient pool
  • Eliminate the need to sign complicated and restrictive insurance contracts
  • Receive Feedback Online to improve their Services
  • Analyze the market for current services and accordingly plan future expansions

Medezon’s management team includes medical surgeons and software executives to bring the best healthcare services on line.


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